Sparkman Civic Club/Sparkman Alumni Association

Instruction for Registering as a Member

1. Go to members page

2. Click on Register

3. Fill in the information (your email, your password, name, date of birth, your location and gender, then type in the two code words in the box). If you cannot understand the code words you can click the top of the blue icon to the right and change the code words until you can clearly understand the code.

4 Click on create my account. A box will appear that say confirm your email address.

5. Go to your email and look for, open it and click on and that will confirm you as a member. Once you become a member you will be able to manage your page by adding photos and sending massages.

When you become a member of the website, then encourage others to join.

MEMO: If anything appear inappropriate, it will be removed alone with your     membership.